As you might have understood by now, vcm actually has a history. This history started around 1994 and it’s continuing. Lars Kristian Aasbrenn equals Voltage Controlled Music, which again equals electronic pop music with different influences.

Vcm makes electronic music and can be located in the pop genre though there is little, or no, struggling to make the music commercial. “I guess it’s the melody lines that make it pop and the computer that makes it electronic” Lars Kristian concludes. Saying that, he really means that his tunes will hit you right in the ear, and his rhythms will go straight into your body.

So what about the lyrics? Will they go straight to my soul then? “Lyrics? Thanks!” he expresses with amusement. Vcm didn’t exactly start up with the goal of becoming a poetical extravaganza! Making tunes and beats was the purpose of vcm. But as the tunes went on Lars Kristian saw his opportunity to use his thoughts (which he had a lot of). So if you don’t mind, these thoughts are there for you to take part in. And maybe, just maybe, you are getting somewhere with them. They are not empty, that’s for sure.

For those of you who are into electronic gadgets and tools to make music, you might understand that name Voltage Controlled Music is inspired by old analogue synthesisers who had contained voltage controlled circuits. Now, you all understand.

So is Voltage controlled music really voltage controlled music? That was the main goal. But as with other visionary goals….they changes during time. Music genres are floating around everywhere, so why bother to place it anyway. Just go ahead and listen for yourself, and you might become, pleased, happy, obsessed, aggressive, solemn whatever…

You are now free to go anywhere else on this site, or on the web for that sake. But now, you know a bit about voltage controlled music, and if it even happens that you like what you are hearing, you have enlarged your horizon, and who can ask for more really?